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Basic Wound Care Everyone in the Family Must Know


Getting wounds is a fact of life so it is only right that we know how to treat wounds, even just the most minor ones.

This is especially true if you have senior loved ones in the household. Most of the time, they may not be able to manage wound care by themselves. It is up to you and the other members of the family to take over and care for them. You may also be planning to enlist respite care to take a break from your caregiving duties so it’s a good idea to have everyone on board.

You can, of course, seek the help of a live-in care professional or a provider of home care in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. That said, it is still wise to learn basic wound care because help will not always be available when you need it.

Basic wound care is something that we as providers of medical service in Pennsylvania at MOG Home Health Care Services have always advocated for everyone in the household.

On this note, allow us to list down the basic steps in wound care that you and everyone else must know how to do:

  • Wash your hands before rinsing the cut or wound with water.
  • Do not pour alcohol, Betadine, or hydrogen peroxide directly into the wound. Opt for running water and soap instead.
  • For open wounds or those that are bleeding, apply pressure using sterile gauze, bandage, or just any clean cotton cloth you have available, and raise the injured part to slow the bleeding.
  • Keep it clean. Always use clean hands to handle the wound.

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