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Bedtime Routines for Seniors to Get Quality Sleep

Bedtime Routines for Seniors to Get Quality Sleep

Are your elderly loved ones suffering from chronic degenerative diseases? If they are, they might also find it challenging to get a good night’s sleep when their muscles, bones, or other body parts ache. Yes, the best solution would be to hire a senior care expert from a leading home care in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. Helping your beloved seniors do these bedtime routines can also help them get a relaxing rest:

  • Avoid using electronic devices

    Television, mobile phones, laptops, and other gadgets emit radiation that disrupts our natural sleeping patterns. So be sure to encourage your elderly loved ones to avoid watching TV or using gadgets prior to sleeping.

  • Listen to music and practice meditation

    Relaxing the mind is extremely important. But if they really can’t control their mind’s wandering, it would help to listen to soothing music. Before going bed, it’s also good to practice yoga to stretch and prepare your body for sleep. If your loved ones really have a serious sleeping condition, be sure to avail of medical service in Pennsylvania for treatment and therapies.

  • Start a gratitude, worry, and action plans journal

    Before going to sleep, encourage your seniors to write down their worries to help them unburden their hearts. It’s also good for them to start a gratitude journal wherein they’ll write about something positive about their day. This will help them maintain a positive mindset and wake up the next day feeling refreshed and happy.

  • Add in a relaxing, sleep-inducing scent to your bedroom

    Aside from making sure their bedroom is tidy and clean, it would also help to light a scented candle to help them get in the mood for sleeping. You can opt for lavender scents or other aromatic, sleep-inducing oils.

Sleep can greatly help seniors maintain their health. If you would like to ensure their welfare, help them develop the routines above. Or better yet, avail of respite care services from MOG Home Health Care Services for them to enjoy holistic care.

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