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Dementia Care: Ways to Promote Safety at Home


Age is one of the risk factors for dementia. It affects one in every ten adults over 65 years old and is the seventh leading cause of death for senior citizens in the United States. Luckily, there are care options like our home care in Secane, Pennsylvania, that can help address dementia symptoms to promote safety for seniors at home:

Families could also take steps to create a safer environment for any loved one experiencing dementia by:

  • Placing an Exit and Entrance Sign on Doors
    Because of memory loss and confusion, senior citizens with dementia may wander aimlessly, which can get them lost. Clearly marking doors with exit and entrance signs may help deter them from unintentionally leaving the house. Entrance signs on interior doors also provide a frame of reference for seniors when they move around indoors.
  • Remove Food-Shaped Magnets and All Other Decorative Foods
    Plastic fruits, food-shaped magnets, and other decorative food can be a choking hazard for seniors with dementia. They may accidentally eat them, thinking they are the real thing.
  • Lock Away Harmful Appliances, Tools, and Chemicals
    It is dangerous for seniors with dementia to operate power tools and kitchen appliances. They may also accidentally ingest harmful chemicals because of confusion caused by dementia.

Our medical service in Pennsylvania can help keep your loved ones safe and comfortable at home, especially if they have dementia.

For more information about our care services and how we can help your elderly loved ones, feel free to call MOG Home Health Care Services at 484-278-4805. Our services also include baby care, housekeeping assistance, live-in care, and respite care.

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