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Depression and Its Related Health Risks to Seniors

Depression and Its Related Health Risks to Seniors

Depression negatively affects the way you think, you feel, and you act. For some, it is an illness that is manageable and treatable. Depression may be treatable, but it shouldn’t be taken for granted because it may lead to some health issues. Our medical service in Pennsylvania, however, can help seniors in treating their depression.

The following are the three health risks linked to depression:

  • Heart Disease

    People who are depressed are more likely to develop heart disease. Moreover, being depressed increases an individual’s chance of dying after having a heart attack.

  • Diabetes

    A person who is depressed often neglects to practice a healthy lifestyle like eating healthy food and exercising. This causes an individual to develop diabetes. Researchers believe that having one of these conditions makes the other one worse.

  • Osteoporosis

    Another health issue related to depression is osteoporosis. According to some research, depression contributes to low bone mass and reduces the amount of calcium and other minerals. Exercising can help in building strong bones and flexible joints.

For family caregivers out there, we understand that caring for seniors with depression is quite hard, but through respite care, you will be able to take time to revitalize and re-energize yourself.

Depression is a dangerous threat to seniors. Never allow your beloved seniors to develop any of these health risks of depression. As early as possible, manage those depressive symptoms; however, if you can’t manage to treat them, you can always ask MOG Home Health Care, Inc. for help.

We are a provider of home care in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania and we are here to help your beloved seniors with depression have an improved quality of living by providing the right level of care that they deserve.

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