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Ensuring Proper Nourishment for Dementia Patients


People with dementia experience a gradual deterioration in their memory functions. As the medical condition progresses, patients begin to lose independence and have higher chances of being a danger to themselves and the people around them, causing them to require home care in Secane, Pennsylvania. More often than not, these patients also become malnourished.

Undernutrition can contribute to increased mortality and morbidity among aging adults. For people with dementia, malnourishment happens when they forget their meals, or when they are unable to cook and do their grocery shopping. The activities mentioned can be dangerous to dementia patients who forget a lot or are disoriented. When they don’t meet their nutrient requirement, they are prone to developing more complications as well. In this case, a nutrition/dietary service provider may be needed.

MOG Home Health Care Services is dedicated to helping all types of patients live an improved life. We can help assure family members that their senior loved ones eat nutritious meals and are safe from danger. We also provide medical service in Pennsylvania.

We only want the best for our patients, and we put their comfort first. We deliver premium care by hiring only competent staff as well. More than home care, we also provide support to families by offering them respite care.

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