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Equal Care, Equal Opportunities: Our Lifelong Goal

equal-care-equal-opportunities-our-lifelong-goalPushing for equality has been a timeless agenda. Even in health care, we believe that people should receive the right amount of help for their health needs. However, this is most especially true for those who cannot perform tasks on their own, like people who require developmentally disabled care.

Our home care in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, believes that everybody, regardless of race, gender, beliefs, and capabilities, deserves the utmost love and care. Thus, we made it a point to provide our services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well.

Their condition can hinder them from doing various daily activities, including availing of medical services in Pennsylvania. Although not totally impossible, people with intellectual disabilities are still capable of independence and life within the community. They, too, are individuals who have skills, stories, and joy to share with everyone else. They, too, deserve a way of life that can help them make a difference.

It is the vision of intellectual disability services here at MOG Home Health Care Services to ensure that individuals with developmental disabilities, as well as their families, can experience an everyday life that is typical of the general population. From housekeeping assistance to learning work and home skills, we are equipped and ready to help our clients experience the most out of their independence.

If you want to learn more about our intellectual disability care services, we are one message or call away. We will be more than glad to provide our services and help families, especially in this time of health and economic crisis.

We also offer respite care for clients who require this service.

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