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How Protein Clumps in the Brain Cause Parkinson’s Disease


It is already a fact that Parkinson’s Disease causes the loss of motor function in an individual. Patients suffering in the later stages of the disease require transportation assistance all of the time. The damage to their brains has already made them unable to move about as normal people would.

That’s also why they require home care in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. They need someone to regularly keep an eye on them and make sure that all their basic needs are met.

While experts in medical service in Pennsylvania know that protein clumps are responsible for brain damage in Parkinson’s Disease, the science is still unclear on how these clumps develop and how they inflict damage on brain cells.

A study in 2018 by Scripps Research took a look using cultured neurons, brain tissues from diseased PD patients, and mouse models. They found that alpha-synuclein causes enzymes in a cellular pathway called the MAPK pathway to trigger modifications in tau protein.

Tau protein is recognized as responsible for causing nerve tangles that destroy motor coordination skills in dementia patients. The study, however, finally established the relationship with alpha-synuclein. According to the research authors, the modified tau protein lumps itself together with the alpha-synuclein and multiply.

The two proteins crowd out the mitochondria, which are destroyed in the process. As the clumps grow bigger, they kill more brain cells along the way.

Caring for a patient with Parkinson’s Disease can be very stressful. If your family caregiver requires a break, contact us at MOG Home Health Care Services and arrange respite care services. This helps to ensure that your patient continues to receive care while the primary caregiver takes a much-needed rest.

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