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Caring for your loved ones with developmental disabilities.
This service aims to provide care and support to individuals with developmental disabilities to achieve greater independence and enhanced quality of life. Our sole desire is to offer quality and comprehensive health care services to individuals ISP.
It is the vision of intellectual disability services here at MOG Home Health Care Services to ensure that individuals with developmental disabilities as well as their family to experience an everyday life that is typical of the general population by ensuring that:
They can make choices – in all aspects of life, including the services they receive, who will provide the support, where to live and with whom, where to work, recreation and leisure activities, vacations, planning individualized day activities, and having support provided at home.
They have control – over their life, including relationships, budgets and how money is spent, support and services they receive, medical issues, and planning.
Quality – of life is determined by individuals. People want quality support and services to enable them to have the life they want. When they pay for high-quality support, they expect to get high quality.
Stability – feeling secure that all changes in their lives are made only with their input and permission—” nothing about me without me.”
Safety – to be safe at home, work, and school, in their neighborhood, as well as in all other aspects of their lives. We will provide services that ensure individual health and safety without overprotecting or restricting them.
Individuality – being known for their individuality and being called by their name. We uphold their respect by having the privacy of their mail, files, and history and being able to choose to be alone at times.
Relationships – with family, partners, neighbors, community people, such as pharmacists, barbers and grocers, support staff, and having friends they choose.
Freedom – to have the life they want and to negotiate risk. People with developmental disabilities want freedom from labels and for others to use the “People First” language. Individuals have the same rights afforded to all citizens. They want to exercise the freedoms of choice, associate with people they choose, move from place to place, and use complaint and appeal processes.
Should you have further inquiries and clarifications regarding this service, please feel free to give us a call at 484-278-4805.