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Ensuring Proper Nourishment for Dementia Patients

People with dementia experience a gradual deterioration in their memory functions. As the medical condition progresses, patients begin to lose independence and have higher chances of being a danger to themselves and the people around them, causing them to require home care in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. More often than not, these patients also become malnourished. … Continue reading

How Protein Clumps in the Brain Cause Parkinson’s Disease

It is already a fact that Parkinson’s Disease causes the loss of motor function in an individual. Patients suffering in the later stages of the disease require transportation assistance all of the time. The damage to their brains has already made them unable to move about as normal people would. That’s also why they require … Continue reading

Basic Wound Care Everyone in the Family Must Know

Getting wounds is a fact of life so it is only right that we know how to treat wounds, even just the most minor ones. This is especially true if you have senior loved ones in the household. Most of the time, they may not be able to manage wound care by themselves. It is … Continue reading

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Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

Falls are among the age-related hazards that your senior loved ones will have to face in their golden years. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls account for about 800,000 hospitalizations annually and cost the medical sector more than $50 billion for nonfatal fall injuries and $754 million for fatal fall … Continue reading

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Helping Seniors with Vision and Hearing Loss

People rely on their sense of vision and hearing the most when communicating with other people and navigating through the surroundings. But with aging, these senses are the most common ones that suffer decline. When that happens, seniors will most likely need companion service to keep them safe and moving about. How can you help … Continue reading

Let Us Look Deep Into Glaucoma

It comes like a thief at night, stealing something essential to one’s immersion in the world. It comes without warning and catches you off guard. And once it has gotten ahold of something valuable, you are left wondering how you could’ve prevented it from happening. The thief we are talking about here is glaucoma, and … Continue reading

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