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Author Archives: Louise Savoie

Tips to Celebrate a Safe Holiday During the Pandemic

The holiday season is here. Though we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, I know that many of us are planning on celebrating to make things a little bit brighter. But before you get carried away with your holiday preparation, here are some things you have to consider to ensure a safe celebration, especially … Continue reading

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Keep Seniors with Dementia Safe During Cold Months

Seniors often have trouble during cold months because their bodies cannot regulate temperatures well. Those who are receiving a medical service in Pennsylvania and those with dementia also often forget to turn on the heater or wear an extra layer of clothing. They also often have a difficulty in communicating the fact that they are … Continue reading

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Post-Surgery Care via Physical Therapy

So, your surgery was a success. What you need next is post-operative care, also known as post-surgery care, to recover and regain your strength. You may be getting post-surgery care in the hospital. Or you could also be at home now with the assistance of a family member or from a provider of home care … Continue reading

How to Keep Seniors Safe in the Kitchen

Over the years, various physical and mental changes can take place. Due to aging, your family members may need medical service in Pennsylvania for their health conditions. At the same time, they also need home care for the elderly. Through this, your aging loved ones can stay healthy, comfortable, and safe in their homes. To … Continue reading

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Does Your Senior Loved One Have Psoriasis?

Is your senior exhibiting red patches of skin covered with thick silvery scales, itching, burning or soreness, and/or swollen and stiff joints? These could be symptoms of psoriasis. When they go seek medical service in Pennsylvania to get it checked, they may be prescribed with medication that will help in managing their condition and its … Continue reading

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Effective Communication Strategies for Older Adults

In a public shopping mall, you are talking to an older man whom you think has a hearing impairment. You talk louder, but he still seems to have some problems hearing and understanding you. Have you ever found yourself in the situation above? The communication process, in general, is complex; it is prone to errors, … Continue reading