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Author Archives: Louise Savoie

Dementia Care: Ways to Promote Safety at Home

Age is one of the risk factors for dementia. It affects one in every ten adults over 65 years old and is the seventh leading cause of death for senior citizens in the United States. Luckily, there are care options like our home care in Secane, Pennsylvania, that can help address dementia symptoms to promote … Continue reading

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What to Do After a Loved One’s Operation: A Guide

Getting through a life-changing surgery is a huge accomplishment. While we celebrate the present, we also must ready ourselves for what is going to happen. As your trusted provider of medical service in Pennsylvania, we will be with you under the name of our brand, the care only MOG Home Health Care Services provides. You … Continue reading

Importance of Respite for Family Caregivers

Caring for a loved one, especially senior loved ones with health-related concerns and specific care needs can be overwhelming. The duties and responsibilities of a caregiver do not have to cause you burnout. You have to know how to keep a healthy and balanced life outside caregiving as well. Here at MOG Home Health Care … Continue reading

Importance of Customizable Care for Seniors

Many elderly adults need hands-on care services daily from their caregivers. While many seniors utilize caregiving services, care plans are not necessarily the same for every senior. To be most effective, we believe that care services should be personalized to cater to each unique need of seniors. At MOG Home Health Care Services, reliable home … Continue reading

Getting Seniors to Accept In-Home Care

When you bring up in-home care, you may find yourself in a heated discussion or a complete shutdown with your senior loved ones. Older adults generally reject the idea of having live-in care, even if they are struggling with daily activities. There is a chance that they might find it a waste of resources, a … Continue reading

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Equal Care, Equal Opportunities: Our Lifelong Goal

Pushing for equality has been a timeless agenda. Even in health care, we believe that people should receive the right amount of help for their health needs. However, this is most especially true for those who cannot perform tasks on their own, like people who require developmentally disabled care. Our home care in Secane, Pennsylvania, … Continue reading

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