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How to Slow Down Dementia Progression


Dementia is a condition that affects a senior’s memory, language, and problem-solving skills. When a senior experiences problems in these aspects severe enough to interfere with their daily life, they should be taken to a doctor to get checked and properly diagnosed. Seeking medical service in Pennsylvania for this allows the person to get started on a treatment that can slow down the progression of dementia symptoms.

As a trusted provider of dementia care, we also want to share some helpful tips that can aid in slowing down the advancement of dementia. These are the following:

  • Having a healthy lifestyle

    One of the best ways to slow down dementia naturally is to maintain good health. This can be done by exercising regularly, eating healthy, quitting smoking, and limiting alcohol intake. Our nutrition/dietary service can help.

  • Do mentally stimulating activities

    Discover activities that keep your mind active and do these every day. This could be doing the daily crossword or sudoku puzzle. Having a companion caregiver to play card or board games with also help.

  • Be socially active

    Socializing is also one way of keeping the mind and body active. Our caregiver in Secane Pennsylvania can assist a senior client when attending social or community gatherings is ideal.

  • Get regular check-ups and take prescribed medication

    When a senior with dementia is prescribed medications to combat the symptoms, taking them regularly or according to the prescription is crucial.

MOG Home Health Care Services provides home care in Pennsylvania that includes Alzheimer’s or dementia care, personal care, and home health aide services, among others. These services help seniors diagnosed with dementia slow down the disease’s advancement and keep them healthy.

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