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Keep Seniors with Dementia Safe During Cold Months

Keep Seniors with Dementia Safe During Cold Months

Seniors often have trouble during cold months because their bodies cannot regulate temperatures well.

Those who are receiving a medical service in Pennsylvania and those with dementia also often forget to turn on the heater or wear an extra layer of clothing. They also often have a difficulty in communicating the fact that they are cold. Aside from these, seniors also have trouble navigating the slippery surfaces during the winter months. This often results in dangerous accidents and injuries.

So what do we do to prevent these from happening and keep our aging loved ones safe?

  • Prepare their homes for winter. Make sure that their heating system and carbon monoxide detectors are working. Also, buy senior-safe heating systems.
  • Stick to a routine to avoid confusion. If you’re going to change their routine, make sure to do it bit by bit.
  • Help your loved ones dress appropriately for the weather. Make them wear non-skid boots and a cane with an extra grip when going out.
  • Take advantage of natural sunlight to avoid anxiety or sundowning in your loved one with dementia. Open the windows and go out when the weather’s good.
  • Get home care in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. Professional caregivers can not only keep an eye on your loved ones, but they can also ensure their good health.

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