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Tag Archives: Senior Assistance

Caring for a Senior Parent with Dementia

If your senior parent begins to show signs of dementia, like memory loss, mood changes, and confusion, accompanying them to see a doctor will be the best course of action. This way, they can get a proper diagnosis. If your senior parent is diagnosed with dementia, it’s true that things will never be the same … Continue reading

Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

Falls are among the age-related hazards that your senior loved ones will have to face in their golden years. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls account for about 800,000 hospitalizations annually and cost the medical sector more than $50 billion for nonfatal fall injuries and $754 million for fatal fall … Continue reading

Does Your Senior Loved One Have Psoriasis?

Is your senior exhibiting red patches of skin covered with thick silvery scales, itching, burning or soreness, and/or swollen and stiff joints? These could be symptoms of psoriasis. When they go seek medical service in Pennsylvania to get it checked, they may be prescribed with medication that will help in managing their condition and its … Continue reading